H.V. Test Company Profile

The Company was established on 19th February 1984 and has a current staff compliment of 31 staff members.
To supply and support high quality medium and high voltage test equipment to utilities, municipalities, mines, petrochemical, large Industrial end-users, and testing contractors.


To offer unmatched technical expertise to the above clientele, with our range of Testing and Commissioning services and HV Training school.
HV Test is ISO9001 audited and accredited and the largest supplier and market leader in all the aspects of Test equipment Sales, Repairs and- Calibration, High Voltage Training courses, and Commissioning and Maintenance field services in the Medium Voltage, High Voltage and Extra High Voltage Electrical Engineering fields.


HV Test specialises in the Sales of standard and custom designed products with special focus on Turn-key Test Bay solutions in the Transformer, Cables, Motors, Live Line and Recloser sectors; Furnace Electrode Monitoring and Overhead line fault location networks.


HV TEST Commissioning and maintenance field services offers market leading technology and knowhow in MV and HV Cable Diagnostics and Fault Location; Oil Cable Leak Location, Transformer Testing, Circuit Breaker Testing, Sub Station Testing and Furnace Electrode Monitoring.
HV Test supplies high quality test equipment in the Southern African region to:


  • National Electricity Supply Utilities
  • Local Electrical and Water Utilities
  • Mining Industry
  • Rail and Air Industry
  • Petro Chemical Industry
  • Smelter and Ferro Alloys
  • Paper Mills
  • Sugar Refineries
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Large industrial end-users of electricity
  • Rewind Industries
  • Testing Contractors
  • Renewable or Alternative and Backup Energy Suppliers
  • Engineering, Construction and Procurement (EPS) Companies
  • We have been in the process of restructuring HV Test (Pty) Ltd.


    HV Test as you have known it for the past 38 years will continue and still be active. On successful completion of the restructuring, the following new companies will also be in operation.


    Company Registration Number Vat Number
    HV Test Academy (Pty) Ltd 2017/344316/07 4360286357
    HV Test Cable Solutions (Pty) Ltd 2017/344231/07 4890286398
    HV Test Field Services (Pty) Ltd 2017/344295/07 4270286067
    HV Test International (Pty) Ltd 2017/344929/07 4220286357
    HV Test Product Solutions (Pty) Ltd 2017/344276/07 4330286065
    HV Test Repairs and Calibration (Pty) Ltd 2017/344900/07 4370286066
    HV Test Shared Services (Pty) Ltd 2017/374555/07 4100286386
    HV Test Specialised Solutions (Pty) Ltd 2017/377187/07 4190286486
    HV Test focuses on ensuring the products and solutions offered, complement each other. The company invests its knowhow to predict market requirements and the products the markets will require. Relationships with principals (suppliers) reach back as far as 30 years ensuring a solid understanding of input into new products and knowledge transfer from an International perspective.


    The products and solutions offered, always having been researched in advance, ensure we offer a unique and comprehensively engineered solution, to the market environments they are designed to serve.


    HV Test has experienced strong Sales revenue growth and to facilitate this and in accordance with management’s belief in the company, its staff and its products, moved to larger premises, centrally located in Randburg 8 years ago. Key projects completed include supply and delivery of Cable Diagnostics Systems, Live Line Bays, successive National Contracts with Eskom for the supply of Overhead line Fault recorders and a turnkey first in the world 1000MW Transformer Test.
    Our established Field Service and Commissioning Section have continued to expand, providing on-site technical test expertise in the areas of:


  • HV Cable Diagnostics (in the sectors of Very Low Frequency Pressure testing,
  • Tan Delta and Partial Discharge testing),
  • HV cable fault location,
  • MV, HV and EHV transformer and circuit breaker testing
  • MV, HV and EHV Sub Station and Protection testing
  • Oil Cable Leak Location using our in house developed PFT technology

    Both emergency breakdown conditions or as per annual maintenance contracts are incorporated into the Field Service and Commissioning Section operations.


    The HV Test Field Service and Commissioning Section have the largest stock holding of test equipment in the Southern African market. As a result of the multiple sections within HV Test and in particular the agencies that HV Test Product Sales section hold, the very latest test equipment that is available to the market is also stocked by the Field Service and Commissioning Section.


    Our comprehensive and independent reports offer real solutions for our customers in terms of asset life management and maintenance programmes. Our specialist Oil Cable Leak location equipment and service and knowhow has pin pointed over 350 leaks in the last several years.


    In 2016 HV Test acquired a 50kV Resonant Test System with TD and PD measurement capability. The system will be used to test large generator and motors of capacity 10MW to 800MW. The system will also be used to test MV cable systems of up to 33kV.


    With the addition of the Resonance Set the total asset stock holding value of test equipment available for field services commissioning and maintenance work moves over the R30million (US$3 million) mark.


    The Following Commissioning and Maintenance Services are Offered by HV Test Cable Solutions (PTY) LTD and HV Test Field Services (PTY) LTD




  • HV Cable Diagnostics (in the sectors of Very Low Frequency Pressure testing,
  • Tan Delta and Partial Discharge testing),
  • HV cable fault location,
  • MV, HV and EHV transformer and circuit breaker testing
  • MV, HV and EHV Sub Station and Protection testing
  • Oil Cable Leak Location using our in house developed PFT technology



  • Switchgear Pressure tests
  • Contact Resistance tests
  • CT mag-curve, ratio and polarity tests
  • Secondary injection of Protection relays
  • Circuit Breaker Speed Tests
  • Maintenance on batteries and battery chargers
  • Retrofitting of Protection Relays
  • Oil Dielectric and Gas Analysis
  • On Line P.D. Testing



  • Ratio and Vector Grouping
  • Winding Resistance
  • Mag Curve, Polarity, and Burden
  • Tap Changer Dynamic and Static Resistance
  • Open and Short Circuit tests
  • Off line T.D. and P.D.
  • On Line P.D. Testing



  • Baker Surge Testing
  • Polarisation and Dielectric Absorption
  • Tan Delta
  • On and offline P.D.
  • Online motor efficiency testing
  • HV Test has the largest and most modern repair and calibration facility for various parameters. The state of the art Repair & Calibration lab in a modern facility with dedicated sections for each process and equipped with a host of more than 50 measurement instruments as primary and secondary standards.


    The Repairs and Calibration Section is an additional service to our customers offering an OEM approved Repair and Calibration Workshop allowing all products to be repaired and calibrated in South Africa without the need to send items back overseas. HV Test is currently entering into a joint venture with a SANAS accredited laboratory.


    Through innovative methods and focused approach, the company takes on complex and sophisticated requirement from clients, while meeting stringent quality standards and challenging project requirements be in Service or Supply of Testing and Measuring Instruments.


    Our service oriented staff are dedicated towards gaining a solid understanding of the changing industrial needs of our clients and resolving the calibration and instrumentation challenges confronting the industry. Our domain expertise helps us in offering our clients high quality calibration and repairing services for instruments and these services help in maintaining the calibration of instruments which ensure that all process are operating properly & efficiently. HV Test maintains timely delivery with authenticity, accuracy and acceptability. Our extensive experience, expertise and a proactive approach to the varied requirements has made HV Test a Total Service Solutions Provider indispensable to many clients in South Africa and the Sub Saharan African sub-continent.


    On Site repairs and Calibration is an additional offering available to customers. Each site service call is customised to suit the specific clients requirements both as regards date and time and as regards site work requirements and related safety matters. Regulations require regular inspection and testing of safety equipment and calibration of meters and instruments. A fully loaded Calibration testing facility is available with experienced Technicians, capable to carry out the complete calibration & testing process at a client sites. Any sized business, in any location - we will come to you and take care of your testing and calibration onsite and efficiently.


    We employ Calibration Technicians to meet specific customer requirements. Our experience in the industry helps us in choosing the best candidates for various jobs. The workforce we supply to our clients are recruited only after we stringently test their skills and competence in their respective domains. Our trained personnel are talented, with immense domain expertise, and have extensive industry experience.


    HV Test Repairs offers repairing services that are completed according to the requirements of the clients and at affordable prices. We diagnose & identify faulty components and replace faulty components then test again applying power and run the test instruments equipment through a series of power tests until we are satisfied that the device is in perfect working order.


    At HV Test Repairs our service programs are designed to minimize downtime, delays and unforeseen expenditure and with our comprehensive maintenance we make sure your instruments are always in top operating order so that you can regularly meet your production requirements.


    We regularly organize open-house training programs in Quality Engineering, and also offer special training modulus, designed for your In-house training requirements. Depending on the specific needs of the industry we in conjunction with the HV Test Training Academy also design special training modules or in-house programs.
    HV Test operates and manages an accredited Training Facility that offers courses certified by EWSETA and SAIEE as well as specialist high voltage testing courses.


    High Voltage specific and dedicated training courses encompassing Regulations through to product specific or Standards specific courses are run monthly. The skills development and knowledge transfer through theoretical and practical demonstration and operation is a requirement of each HV Test course offered. HV Test (Pty) Ltd has been audited by EWSETA and has received certification as an approved facility. We are also accredited by SAIEE and the courses carry CPD points. HV Training Academy is currently in the process of offering Health & Safety courses.


    We are ISO 9001 2015 accredited and have our CIDB certificate Grade 5EP. We are currently working towards our SANAS accreditation.


    The Following Training, Commissioning and Maintenance Services are Offered by HV Test Academy (PTY) LTD:




  • Cable Fault Locating
  • Cable Diagnostics VLF TD and PD testing
  • Cable Tracing, ID and Spiking
  • Jointing and Termination up to 33kV
  • Circuit Breaker testing
  • Travelling Wave Fault Locator
  • Transformer Testing and Tan Delta Testing
  • Motor Testing
  • ORHVS Switching Assessing and Accreditation (Responsible)
  • ORHVS Switching Assessing and Accreditation (Authorised)
  • Basic Protection
  • Basic Electricity
  • SA10 product training

    HV Test is registered and accredited as an official ESETA Training Facility. Eskom have also approved the Cable Fault and the Circuit Breaker Testing courses on the Eskom EDCO system
    The HV Test vision is to continue to grow and increase its investment in people and stock. HV Test currently holds test equipment stock on hand in excess of Twenty Five Million Rand. We are expecting to double this stock holding over the next 3-5 years as we expand the HV Test solutions package into Africa and increase our market penetration into specific sectors of the industrial and utility sectors in both the Southern Africa market and in the Middle East and Asia.


    Strategic objectives


  • Consistent monitoring of performance and market conditions to ensure that the Company attains its objectives as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.

  • Build and maintain, direct and control an effective management team.

  • Effectively allocate the resources of the Company and ensure the recruitment and retention of the required numbers and types of well-motivated, trained and developed staff to ensure that it achieves its objectives and targets.

  • Establish and maintain effective formal and informal links with major customers, relevant government departments and accreditation agencies, local authorities, key decision-makers and other stakeholders generally, to exchange information and views and to ensure that the Company is providing the appropriate range and quality of services.

  • Develop and maintain customer service programmes to ensure that the Company remains at the forefront in the medium, high and extra high voltage electrical testing industry, applying the most technically correct and cost-effective methods and approaches, providing leading-edge products, services and engineering solutions and retains the competitive edge.

  • Develop and maintain an effective marketing and public relations strategy to promote the products, services and image of the Company in the electrical engineering sector.

  • Maintain and improve Quality Management systems throughout the Company to ensure that the best possible products, services and solutions are provided to customers.

  • Maintain and manage practical and merit only equal opportunities policies in all aspects of the Company’s work.

  • Ensure that the appropriate policies are developed to meet the Company’s mission and objectives and to comply with all relevant statutory and other regulations.

  • Improve and direct the implementation of policies and procedures to ensure that the Company complies with all health and safety, quality and other statutory regulations.

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