Training Centre - High Voltage Courses - Motor Testing Course
Motor Testing Course     2 day Course
Course Overview
Day 1
1. Temperature compensation
2. Principles of Coil Resistance testing
3. Target corrected Resistance
4. Principles of the Meg-Ohm test
5. Principles of the Polarization Index (PI)Test
6. Principles of the Dielectric Absorption (DA)test
7. Principles of the DC High-Potential (HiPot)Test
8. IEEE400 and the use of VLF to replace DC MegOhm and Hipot Tests
9. Principles of the Step Voltage test
10. Principles of the Surge test
11. The Error Area Ratio
12. Core Loss Testing
13. Undercutting
14. Banding
15. Tig Welding
16. Washing, Cleaning and Drying
17. Manual Testing and Automatic Testing
18. Some Case Studies
Day 2
1. Written Test on Day 1 theory knowledge lectured on
2. Practical Walk through with Hands on Testing on each instrument already at your organisation OR Presentation of Best Practices if such instruments are either not available or the testing application cannot be performed for other reasons