Training Centre - High Voltage Courses - Cable ID and Spiking Training
Cable ID and Spiking Training     1 day Course
1. Introduction
1.1 Transmitter
1.2 Receiver




4. Connections
4.1 Connection with Earth as Return Line
4.2 Multicore Cable Sheath Insulated
4.3 Connection Samples for PILC Cable and other ground sensing cable
4.4 Connecting with second line as return line
4.5 Inductive Coupler (Optional)
4.6 Phase Selection

Operating Sequence

5.1 Calibration
5.2 Measuring Sequence
5.3 Measurement results
5.4 Current Measurement

Schermer Spiking Gun

6.1 Basic Description
6.2 Schermer Spiking Gun Tools and Accessories
6.3 Safety Precautions before Spiking
6.4 Preparation of the Spiking Gun before the spiking takes place
6.5 Fitting the Spiking Gun to the cable and preparing to load the spike
6.6 After Firing the Spiking Gun
6.7 Mainenance of the Firing Pin
7. Practical: Cable Identification and Spiking