Training Centre - High Voltage Courses - Cable Fault Locating Course
Cable Fault Locating Course     3 day Course
Day 1: Cable Pressure Testing and Fault Location Theory
Day 2: Pratical Cable Fault Location - "Hands On"
Day 3: Electrical Equipment Testing


1. Background
2. Introduction
3. Safety and Isolation of Suppy
4. Pressure Testing and Faulty Core Identification

Identifying the type of fault

6. Cable Fault Locating Analysis and Flow Chart
7. Frequency of Faults
8. Cable Fault Locating Methods
8.1 Measure Bridge Method
8.2 Voltage Drop Method
8.3 Audio Frequency Twist Method
8.4 Surge Generator or Accoustic Fault Location Method
8.5 Cable Sheath Fault Location
8.6 Time Domain Reflectometry, "Scope Method"
8.7 Fault Burning: DC Pressure Test and HV Diode
8.8 Impulse Current Method "ICE Method"
8.9 Decay Method
8.10 Secondary Impulse Method, "SIM Method"
9. Cable Fault Locating Procedures

Cable Fault Locating Hints

11. Cable Diagnostics
12. Using AC and VLF to determine Cable Condition
13. Tan Delta and Partial Discharge - What they mean for a cable and how to

use them to determine a cables condition.


Electrical Testing of Switchgear, Transformers, Motors & Useful Testing

and Monitoring Data.