XFTP Series - Vehicle Mounted Arc Reflection System

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The XF TP series consists of a thumper, a digital memory radar, an arc reflection method coupler(filter) in a two piece truck mountable configuration with a 125' or 200' cable reel system. All controls for the unit are on the integrated radar control unit requiring no access to the thumper/filter for operation. The control unit can be mounted in the cab or a tool bin of a truck. The watertight all aluminum thumper/filter unit is designed to be mountable in the bed of a truck or a tool bin. The unit can operate from 120V AC or 12V DC (optional).

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Fast 3 Step Operation
Highest Joule Ratings in the Industry
Wet Weather Operation - Cold Weather Operation
Control/TDR Separate from the Thumper
Dual and Tri Thump Capacitors uo to 7614 Joules
Up to 300mA Burn or HiPot
Thumper Mountable Outside to save Bin Space