XF Series - Portable Arc Reflection System

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Portable Combination TDR, Thumper HiPot Sectionalizer.
Choose 16KV/8kV or 25KV/12.5kV or 28kV/14kV.
Choose Standard or Double Energy.
Features the Fastest Automatic TDR Technology.
Just Switch on, Push the Green Start Button when prompted, and in less than 60 seconds unit displays Distance to Fault.

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Fast 3 Step Operation
Highest Joule Ratings in the Industry (Highest of Portable Equipment)
Wet Weather Operation - Cold Weather Operation
Large Wide Wheels For Ease and Stability
Dual Thump Capictors (1280/1563/1960/2560/3126/3920 J)
Operates from Internal Battery, 120/240 V AC, or External 12 V DC
Built in Battery Charger