C Series - DC Hipots (0-600 kV DC)

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Each VON Model C test set consists of a corona free high voltage base cabinet, a control box, a sectionalized discharge stick, and a protective output resistor.

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Each High Voltage Base Cabinet Contains:
A 625 volt amp, 110v to 20kv or 220v to 20kv (Option E), air-insulated, 
epoxy-impregnated, high voltage transformer
A Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier circuit specially engineered for 
this particular application.
A kilovoltmeter multiplier resistor connected directly to the high voltage 
guard circuit. This gives direct voltage measurement of the high voltage 
output with accuracy of +/- 2% of full scale.
A magnetically and electrostatically shielded and guarded output meter 
assembly in the HIGH VOLTAGE LEAD with ranges of 0-100 microamp and 
0-1 milliamp. Each meter is individually protected by a special bypass circuit. 
Range changing is accomplished automatically. Special ranges can be 
furnished. This assembly is replaced by a multirange 0-10 microammeter 
in the control box in the Model CG. The overlapping ranges are 
0-10/30/100/300/1,000/3,000/10,000/30,000 microamps with resolution 
to 0.5 microamps and accuracy of +/- 2% of full scale.
A neon protective tube to limit the kilovoltmeter circuit to 50 volts.
A high voltage hot guard (non-measured) connection when current metering 
is provided in the high voltage lead.
A cold guard (non-measured) connection when current metering is provided 
in the ground return lead. (Model CG and units with otion D)
A metal ball suitable for corona free operation at maximum voltage is provided 
on the output terminal for use on top of the protective output resistor.
These units can be extended to 500KV with VON topping units. The maximum output voltage level is limited by the required output current at that voltage.