PDCHECK - Ultimate Solution for Industrial Monitoring

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PDCheck is a compact, stand alone, global diagnostic system for the condition assessment of medium and high voltage electrical systems, based on the detection and analysis of PD.
We can offer a wide and complete range of sensors, filters and signal conditioning device to cover any possible PD acquisition need and optimize the measurement circuit setup, detection and analysis of PD.

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One for All, one device for all assets like cables, transformers, rotating 
machines and switchgears
Innovative instrument for Partial Discharge recording & processing
Ultra Wide Band, fast integrated processing capability
Compact, PD Pulse detector and waveform analyser, with embedded 11 HD 
industrial tablet for instrument control and data analysis
Multiple Connectivity (Wi-Fi, Fibre Optics, USB, Bluetooth)
Easy Soft, software for automatic testing and reporting: NO SKILL NEEDED!