50A 3PH Mk2 - Three Phase System

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The 50A-3PH is a three phase injection system providing commissioning and maintenance engineers with a flexible system for testing protective systems. It has an easy to understand panel layout and a simple user interface. The status of every function can be seen at a glance, and there are no complex menus to navigate. The unit has a range of outputs allowing injection of currents as low as a few mA and as high as 50A.

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0-50A three phase output
Clear and simple user interface
3 phase current output
0-50A per phase output current
True RMS digital metering
Memory ammeter
Multi-function timing system
Auxiliary metering input
Large back-lit liquid crystal display
Thermal and over-current protection
220V or 400V 3 phase mains supply options
Compact and portable
115V-440V 3 wire supply with optional supply transformer