200A 3PH Mk2 - Three Phase System

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The 200A-3PH Mk2 test system provides commissioning and maintenance engineers with a compact, portable and flexible system for the testing and timing of protective relays, circuit breakers and thermal overloads. The unit is equally at home testing solid state or electro-mechanical relays, and has a rating suitable for testing thermal trips.

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The 200A-3PH Mk2 has independent true RMS digital metering for each output, with independently selectable ranges. The outputs are isolated and independently variable, and allow the injection of currents up to 200A. The outputs are protected by electronic over-current trips and fuses.
0-200A 3 Phase output.
Accurate true RMS digital metering.
All outputs fully isolated.
Multi-function 1ms resolution timing system.
Auxiliary AC output.
Electronic over-current protection.
All test results can be stored to a USB memory key.