TWS FL-8 and FL-1 Single Tower Traveling Wave Fault Locators

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A device that provides extremely precise fault location on multiple lines enabling operation and maintenance engineers to respond rapidly to events and correct defects at minimum cost and maximum efficiency.

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Fault location on interconnected overhead lines where high availability is important. Accurate, consistent results for all types of faults quickly displayed in a control room or engineering center where it is needed to direct maintenance teams and reduce downtime
Best accuracy to 60 meters independent of impedance methods 
Reduce downtime by getting to the fault site faster
Track intermittent self clearing faults and focus maintenance at the right 
spot to prevent a major breakdown
Accurate results from circuit trips automatically displayed in the dispatch
center within minutes of the event
Maintenance crews alerted by email notification
Display, keypad and USB port allow more interaction with the device
Modular, reliable hardware
Flexible communications