PMU 9/18/36 Phasor Measurement Unit

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A scalable and modular substation hardened Phasor Measurement Units for connection to up to ten three phase circuits to calculate and stream phasors.

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A distributed architecture for a system wide Phasor Measurement Units installations at various generation, transmission and distribution locations. Enables various wide area measurement, protection and automation applications based on streaming synchronized phasor measurements and digital status. Flexible and optimized channel utilization for an effective high-speed transmission applications to low cost distribution synchronizing applications.
Synch streaming support for maximum of 36 phasors and 64 digital inputs
Ideal for use when a multifunction device cannot be justified
Modular and scalable platform with full compliance to IEEE C37.118.1-2005
Simple configuration using standard web browsers
Complies to industry security requirements
No need for any other software package