Automatic 3 Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Test Set
Designed to precision measure turns ratios, phase displacements, excitation currents of single phase and three phase power, distribution, and instrument transformers in compliance with IEEE C57.12.90, and IEC 60076 standards. The systems are designed for field or laboratory use.
Two models are available:
Model PATTR-03A


Transformer Load Tap Changer Controls
Operate via the alpha-numeric keypad and rotary switch or via computer-controls
Rechargeable battery power
Built-in printer
Internal memory
PATTR-03A Technical Datasheet
Model PATTR-03D


Real 3-phase test voltage output
Up to 275 V output for high accuracy
Tertiary winding channel
Fully automatic tap changer control
Large color touch-screen display
USB and Ethernet ports
Easy Lead management with removable ends
PATTR-03D Technical Datasheet