Technical Datasheet

3 Phase Transformer Test Systems

Perform tests on 3-Phase utility distribution and power transformers in accordance with IEC 60076 and ANSI / IEEE C57 standards.
Verify a manufacturer’s test and design data prior to installation
After repair or upgrade
When a major disruptive event occurs, such as a lightning strike
For preventive/predictive maintenance
3 PHASE models
Several models are available with testing capability up to 20,000 kVA. 
The size of transformers which can be tested will vary with impedance.
Each system includes computer interface, testing software, high 
accuracy metering, and a precision power regulating system 
Capacitive Compensation Bank
TTR (Winding Ratio Test)
AC Hipot (Applied Potential Test)
MG set (Induced Potential Test)
WRM (Winding Resistance Measurement)
Insulation Resistance Measurement
Partial Discharge Measurement
Control Consoles