Resonant Test Systems



Resonant Test Systems offer significant advantages to standard AC test systems where the load is largely capacitive with low loss such as power cables, gas-insulated switch gear, generator windings, and dry testing of insulator strings.
AC High Potential testing providing higher current than traditional AC 
Perform GIL/GIS, Cable, Transformer, Motor, Generator high potential 
Variable Frequency systems for on-site/field testing
We offer:
Ratings from 25 kV to over 1 million Volts, 50 or 60 Hz
Variable Frequency from 20 to 300 Hz or Variable Inductance systems
High Q ratings for low input current requirements Basic or advanced 
computerized control options
Dead tank and insulated cylinder designs Series and parallel configurations
Stand-alone, skid-mounted, and truck-mounted Systems for laboratory
use and outdoor applications
Variable Inductance: 
Variable Inductance Resonant Test Systems utilize a variable reactor
to tune the system to the load capacitance creating a resonance circuit. 
This provides a test circuit at line frequency, i.e. 50 or 60 Hz.
Tank style models are available up to approximately 400 kV and cascade 
styles up to 2,000 kV.
Various power ratings are available to suite practically any application
Variable Frequency:
Variable Frequency Resonant Test Systems vary the output frequency
to tune the system to the load capacitance creating a resonance circuit.
Output frequency is typically in the range of 30 to 300 Hz.
Systems utilize a 3-phase input and have a larger tuning range than
variable inductance test sets. Because they are smaller in size than
other systems, the variable frequency resonant design is ideal for 
commissioning tests of GIS and cable.
Variable frequency test sets allow performance of tests within a frequency 
range close to power frequency.
The relatively low testing power required, compared to conventional
non-compensated test sets, and the ability to make a direct comparison
of the factory and field tests, favors the Variable Frequency Resonant
Test System as the most practical on-site test system.
Technical Datasheets:
Variable Frequency Systems for On-Site GIS Testing
AC Resonant Test Systems