Technical Datasheet

Recloser Test Systems

Recloser Test Systems will verify the proper operation of automatic circuit reclosers using simulated fault conditions. These systems provide a variable high current output, a computer-controlled impedance compensation circuit, and the instrumentation required to efficiently test almost all single or three phase direct acting reclosers and sectionalizers. They can also be used for primary injection testing of electronically controlled reclosers.

Simple operation with computer-based controls and WINRCL software provides automation of testing procedures, storage of test data, and test report generation.
Two models are offered:
Model   Output Power
RCL-19     19 kVA
RCL-47   47 kVA
Both models will perform the following three main tests:
Minimum Pickup Test determines the reclosers minimum operating point 
(usually two times the rating to the coil).
Sequence Test verifies the proper operating sequence of the recloser to 
Sectionalizer Test performed by pulsing current to the sectionalizer to
stimulate a recloser in operation and the normal sequence to reach lock-out.