Technical Datasheet

Motor Core Loss Testers
Excessive core loss negatively affects the efficiency and reliability of a motor. Core loss testing is necessary to insure the quality of a motor or motor rewind. The Core Loss Test Set is a continuously variable low voltage, high current power supply for testing stators, rotors and armature cores.

Unique design features include:
True sine wave output ensures test results that are both accurate and 
User-friendly software guides the operator through the test sequence 
Automatically ramps up the voltage, records the results, calculates and 
ramps the voltage back down.
The duty cycle allows the operator to overexcite and heat the core 
sufficiently to locate hot spots.
Models Offered and Approx. Max Testing Capability
CL10A  CL25A   CL60A   CL125A CL300A   CL500A  
500 HP 1,250 HP 2,500 HP 5,000 HP 12,00 HP 20,000 HP