High Power Motor Test Systems - 300kVA-2500kVA



Electric Motor Test Systems are operating around the world, providing exceptional service to Motor Manufacturers, Motor Service Shops, Industrial Plants, Electric Utilities, and Government Installations.
Our range of options for High Power Motor Testing include:
AC, DC, or AC/DC test systems
Input capability up to 13,800 V and output capability of 10,000 kVA
Configurations that allow testing of a 10,000 horsepower motor at full load a
nd 50,000 horsepower at no load
Manual operation, advanced control systems, fully automated testing, custom 
software solutions, database and report generation
Precision voltage regulation with the Phenix Column Type Variable Transformer
The R2 design allows full voltage regulation without interruption which means 
the motor does not slow down for tap changes
Highly accurate Voltage and Current measurement, Watts (including 
Kilowatt-Hours), Vibration, Temperature (both thermocouple and RTD) and 
Speed measurement
The MTS D Series - two exclusive models with AC output of either 300 or 500 
kVA for testing AC/DC motors from 240 HP-2500 HP
Add Physical Measurement capability to virtually any Motor Test System to 
perform advance motor analysis
Technical Datasheets:
High Power Motor Testing Systems
MTS D-Series
Control Consoles