Cable Testing Accessories

50 V, 5000A

50 V, 3000A

Oil Cable Termination Water Cable Termination
Various design options within our line of Heat Cycling Test Sets include:
Output range of up to 7,500 Amps
Indoor/Outdoor units
Removable or closed core designs to facilitate ease in test setups.
Manual or Automated control packages are available with custom 
programming for specific applications.
LVTS Models:
SCR (Silicon Control Rectifier)
- Solid state regulator which offers faster rise time and instantaneous 
return to zero.
- The compact design for easy maneuverability.
- A time tested, reliable and economical choice for many testing
- Uses a separate column or toroidal regulator.
- Produces a true sine wave over the full output range, operates at very low impedance.
- Allows the flexibility for multiple taps on the regulator if needed for
stacked transformers.
We can implement a master-slave unit to expand testing capabilities for multiple units. Inductive compensation is available to lower input power and regulator size.
Technical Datasheets:
Impulse Generators and Measurement Systems
Complete line of Temporary Cable Test Terminations Both Oil and Water
Heat Cycling Test Sets for Inductive Heating of Cable Samples