Technical Datasheet

AC Dielectric Test Systems for Laboratories

AC Cascade Type, 800 kV, 1200 kVA

AC Tank Type, 200 KV, 40 KVA

We offer a complete line of AC Dielectric Test Sets with output voltage and power ratings to meet all testing requirements. With Over 40+ years' of experience, we have built a reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer in the field of high voltage, high current, and high power testing. Our AC Dielectric Test Systems are designed to test within IEEE, IEC, and other recognized national and international industry testing standards. We offer customized systems designed for specific requirements in addition to our standard models. 
Designs can be modified to supply:
A variety of physical configurations suitable for varying installation requirements
Stand-alone, modular, caster-, truck-, trailer- or container-mounted
Add-on partial discharge test and measurement components
Customization for production component testing by adding test chambers

Products that need dielectric testing include:

Transformers, Shunt Reactors  Motors/Generators   HV Components
Coils Bushings Lightning Arrestors
Power Cables Insulators Circuit Breakers
Cable Joints/Splices Switchgears Insulation Materials
Instrument Transformers Fuses Transmission Line Hardware
Power Capacitors Connectors Protective Goods for Work