T903 - Pulse reflection Test Set - Cable Fault Location Unit

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Telefault 903, which is a Pulse reflection Test Set with integrated 25Mhz. real-Time Memory transient recorder. for the highest measuring accuracy. Its features are particularly simple operation and versatile application.

Well established measuring methods are combined with modern electronics. One major feature is the fully automatic fault location in the Surge Current Mode.
The simple Menu structure leads the user easily through all selectable measuring modes.

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The Telefault 903 is suitable for cable fault location on:
low resistance faults
high resistance faults
intermittant faults

...in low, medium and high voltage networks.

User-friendly software and menu operation
intergrated 25Mhz transient recorder
2 intergrated digital memories
simple and fast selection of measuring methods
transient recorder with 25Mhz real-time (3.2m) echometer mode with 100Mhz 
sampling (0.8m)
Measuring range up to 10km at 80m/Ys
voltage protected input in echometer mode up to 400V
high-contrast LCD display with superb viewing angle & backlight.
zoom & scroll function
centronics printer interface
Computer mode for fully automatic cursor positioning and fault location