T-602 Audio Frequency Generator

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In conjunction with T-505 Pinpoint Fault Locator, T-602 Audio Frequency Generator can precisely pin point low resistance fault position and detect the cable path.

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Output power: Max 75W
Transmission frequency: 1KHz square wave.
Transmission mode: CONT (continuous) /INT (interrupted) selectable.
Power: AC 220V10%, 50Hz1%
Working temperature: -10 ~ +40
Weight: 6Kg
Dimension: 400 x 300 x 220mm
Automatic output impedance matching
Powerful output capacity (maximum 75W) with strong penetrating signal 
and large detecting range.
Easy to operate, only needs to control the power switch and the work 
mode selector
Easy connection of wires
Automatic protection of overload and with high reliability.