PD SG1 - Portable Switchgear Partial Discharge Testing and Location

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The PD-SG1 is a dual transducer Switchgear PD detection instrument. The unit detects TEV signals generated by internal discharge, as well as acoustic discharge generated by surface tracking or corona.
Partial discharge activity inside metal clad high voltage plant induces small voltage impulses (called Transient Earth Voltages) on the surface of the metal cladding. TEVs travel around the cladding surface to the outside of the switchgear panel, where they can be picked up externally using capacitively coupled transducers.

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Ultrasonic detection of surface PD activity. Displayed on the LCD screen
as dB reading, as well as audible signals through headphones.
Measurement of TEV signals generated by internal PD. Displayed on 
the LCD screen as dB reading.
Cycle Mode for viewing PD pattern in power cycle (Phi Q), allowing 
for the elimination of noise
Precedence Mode for location of PD in the assets under test
Bright LCD panel display for indoor and outdoor use