EHV PDM - EHV and Distributed Assets PD Monitoring System

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The EHV-PDM is a PD monitoring system designed for application on critical EHV and distributed assets, where the monitoring point could be many hundreds of metres or tens of kilometres apart. 
Fibre linked monitoring points transmit PD data over long distances to the main monitoring unit, which then processes the data and displays the results on a secure customer web front end.

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On-line PD Detection The EHV-PDM uses PD sensors that couple to 
the HV network and equipment on-line and non-intrusively, as so no 
disconnection of the circuits is required.
Remotely Accessible Using any of a wide range of communication 
protocols, the EHV-PDM automatically downloads data to a central 
database; from where it can be viewed on a powerful analysis website.
Long Distance Monitoring The key design of the EHV-PDM system is to 
allow for cost effective remote monitoring of assets which are usually 
inaccessible. Examples include joints along an EHV cable or cables 
terminations in wind farm arrays.