ASM - Online Partial Discharge Permanent Monitoring

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The ASM is a permanent PD monitor for cables, switchgear and other high voltage assets. The ASM can be configured with up to 128 PD sensor channels. If excessive discharge is detected, the ASM raises an alarm that can be configured either locally or by email/SMS. This enables the long-term assessment of plant conditions to be carried out quickly and easily, from any remote computer.
Fibre linked monitoring points transmit PD data over long distances to the main monitoring unit, which then processes the data and displays the results on a secure customer web front end.

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Suitable for all types of substation equipment, the ASM-E proves a powerful tool to an asset manager, providing continuous on-line condition data at the touch of a button.
Display – Ultrasonic and TEV level displayed in dB
Alarms – Current ‘live’ alarms and historical alarms
TEV PD Detection – Measurement of electrical transients generated by 
internal PD
Ultrasonic PD Detection – 3 independent ultrasonic channels detecting 
surface PD
Intergrated Noise Detection – Algorithm helps avoid ‘False Alarms’
Simple to Install – No wiring required between PD detector and central hub