CBA 2000 - High Voltage Circuit Breaker Analyzer and Micro-Ohmmeter

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The CBA 2000 is a unique test set for the complete test of all circuit breakers. It is a powerful timing and motion analyzer equipment with built-in 200 A pure DC microhmmeter for static and dynamic contact resistance tests. CBA 2000 is a stand alone unit with a large graphical display. 

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The unit is supplied with TDMS analysis software. TDMS performs test results analysis and creates test reports; it allows also to pre-define test plans. TDMS is also a powerful Test and Data Management software compatible with all ISA Test Sets. All CBA 2000 circuits have been designed to ensure safe and reliable operations in the noisy environment of EHV and HV substations.
Built-in 200 A microhmmeter
Up to 18 main and 18 resistive contact inputs
12 auxiliary timing inputs
Up to 4 trip/close coils control
Motion and speed analyzer
Static and dynamic contact resistance measurement
Digital transducer for motion analysis
Minimum trip coil test
Circuit Breaker test with both sides connected to ground (BSG option).
Three phase first trip test
Stand alone functionality - no PC connection is required
Large graphical high brightness sunlight display
Analysis and result evaluation directly on the display
Internal memory for up to 500 test results and 64 pre-defined test plans
Possibility to synchronize up to four CBA 2000
TDMS - Test & Data Management Software