Enclosed Type Three Phase Variac 30A

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3-Phase Variac & Trolley
A 3 Phase Variac is used for verifying the Impedance Percentage of a transformer, the no-load losses and the zero sequence.

Output Voltage: 400V max (depending on the input voltage)
Output Current: 25-30A (depending on the breaker available on-site)
Three phase variac: manual control
Mobile Enclosure, Integrated Power meter, CT's x 3
Three phase 4 core 400V Input cable
Three single phases 400V output, Earth Cable output
Mains contactor circuit breaker for the input
Dimensions: 140 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm
Weight +/-150 kg
Name Plate verification for Z% during a short circuit test
HV open circuit to determine the no-load Watt losses
Zero sequence condition of the connection to earth