16kV Trolley Cable Fault Location System

This 16kV Trolley option combines the high Joules and quick thump rate of the very popular SSG500 with a 16kV HV Filter all housed in a convenient 19 Rack design with large wheels and a separate battery and inverter compartment. The addition of the 16kV HV Filter allows for the SIM/ARC reflection method. The 16kV output voltage means this unit is ideal for LV and MV cables up to 11kV AC (just remember not to exceed the 4kV setting on LV cables). 

The slim design means its easier to take this unit into areas where space might be an issue, specifically mine shafts and other small work spaces. 
Commercial Offer:
SSG500 16kV Surge Generator BAUR SSG 500 incl. Housing and 4m cable 
IRG2000 High Resistance TDR Scope BAUR IRG 2000 and SKID
SA16Kh Secondary Impulse Method BAUR SA 16Kh
Listening set Ground Amplifier BAUR UL 30 and Microphone BM 30 and case 
Trolley Test Trolley
Installation HV Test Installation
Supply System 220V Mains Supply System 3000Watt and 1x 100Ah Batteries