HVA40-5 VLF TEST SET (Extreme Output Power)

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The HVA40-5 was designed to test extra-long cable lengths. VLF testing at 5 μF @ 0,1 Hz @ 27 kVrms, Upgradeable for Diagnostics (optional) - Partial Discharge and Tan Delta

The compact design and unmatched high voltage output power to weight ratio of the HVA test sets are second to none in the market, and make the HV Diagnostic high-voltage generators the lightest in all classes at all voltage levels.

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Pure sinusoidal output voltage (load-independent)
Performance: 5 F @ 0,1 Hz @ 27 kV rms
Output current 120 mA max.
Highest test capacity of 15 μF
Programmable test sequences
Integrated 12 kV transient protection (50 Hz)
Dual Discharge Device (DDD) two integrated and automatic discharge devices
Easily exchangeable HV cable
Intuitive menu operation
Sheath Fault Locating (in combination with Earth Fault Location)
Vacuum Bottle Test
Insulation Testing