HVA200 - Pure Sinewave upto 200kV + Partial Discharge & Tan Delta Diagnostics

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Building on the worldwide success of the HVA series of VLF test sets, the HVA200 takes our tried and trusted design principles on to the next level. For the first time, we are able to offer VLF output voltages up to 200kV peak (138kV rms), allowing the user to perform voltage withstand tests on assets with network voltages as high as 132kV.

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VLF & DC - Sinusoidal VLF output voltage up to 200 kV (138 kV rms) 
DC () voltages up to 200 kV
TD & PD - upgradeable with Tan Delta & Partial Discharge Diagnostics
Smallest & lightest test set available 850 kg but powerful - max. 
capacitance 6 F
No limited operating time. Run the system for many hours.
Easy transport - Transportation and mounted solutions
Flexible positioning - V-type position for a space saving configuration 
(laboratory set-up)
Output current 140 mA max.
RMS digital metering of voltage and current.
Automatic measurement of R and C
Automatic load calculation and frequency selection (0.01 - 0.1 Hz)
Load independent, true symmetrical sinusoidal output over the entire  
power range