EZ-Cable ID - Single/Three Phase Cable and Phasing Identification System

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The EZ-Cable ID test instrument allows electrical testing personnel to accurately and effectively identify either one or three cables or cores anywhere along the length of the cable in one identification process. This can be done on both single phase and three phase networks. In addition to identifying the correct cable and phase, the resultant current and frequency in a cable can also be measured by the instrument.

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Extremely simple, menu operated, backlit user interface
Simultaneous single and multi (3) phase identification
Can be used on energized and de-energized circuits
3 cables can be identified in one action
Can be used on single and multicore cables
Non-volatile memory to store parameters
Load current and frequency measurement
Excellent noise immunity
Flexible pickup coil for congested locations
Powered by integrated battery or external AC mains.
Prevents user from inadvertently changing gain/sensitivity settings
Use on LV, MV, and transmission cable systems
ID of cables through multiple transformers
Rugged transport case includes accessory pouch