BA100 - Portable Breakdown Analyzer for Oil Testing

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The BA100 oil testeris a portable Breakdown Analyzer for on-site testing of transformer oil. The dielectric strength of insulating oil can be tested in a simple, quick and fully automaticway, without the need to ship oil samples to a test laboratory. The automatically generated test reports are provided in pdf-format and can be stored on a USB stick.

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With a weight of only 32kg, the BA100 oil tester is ultra-light and ideal for mobile use. The test voltage is automatically controlled and increased to a maximum level of up to 100 kV rms. The extremely short switch off time at flashover is below 5 μs. Thus the pollution of the oil by the electric arc is negligible.
Compact and ultra-light & Easy to use
ONLY battery operated device in this voltage class
Customer specific test sequences programmable
Automatic magnetic stirrer
Automatically generated test reports
Extended operating temperature
USB, Bluetooth & PC Software