Aquamax KF Portable - Water Content Analyzer

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Measuring and controlling the amount of water in oils is of considerable
economic importance to the industrial community, particularly to the
crude oil and electric power industries.
Water content determination by Karl Fischer titration is no longer restricted to being used by a chemist in a laboratory now the
technique is used by engineers, plant operators, tanker drivers, distribution,maintenance engineers and other non-laboratory personnel.

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Only coulometer in the market with a carry handle directly attached
Contained in a portable, robust carry case for ease of transportation 
ready for immediate use on arrival
LDC (Low drift cell) glassware designed for outdoor use free from 
PTFE sleeves and grease.
Glassware protection sleeve which reduces the effects from sunlight 
exposure  important when detecting low moisture levels as sunlight 
promotes oxidation of iodide ions to iodine, potentially giving false end points.
Larger Keypad for ease of use in harsh environments
Built in printer for instant traceable results
Results Manager Data download Software
Conforms to ASTM, DIN, IP, ISO, JIS & AFNOR Standards
Easy to use water check button for reagent validation
Supplied with gas tight syringe for accurate sample injection