Aquamax KF Plus - Water Content Analyzer

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Aquamax KF Plus titrators have been specifically designed for the
determination of water content.
Combining coulometry with the Karl
Fischer method, Aquamax KF titrators determine the water content of
samples by measuring the amount of electrolysis current necessary to
produce the required iodine this is an absolute technique which does
not require the calibration of reagents.

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Larger Keypad for ease of use in harsh environments
Built in printer for instant traceable results
Results Manager Data download Software
Conforms to ASTM, DIN, IP, ISO, JIS & AFNOR Standards
Robust Titration Cell and Electrodes, does not require PTFE sleeves or grease
Patented ACE Control system guarantees the correct result
User selectable languages multi-choice
Easy to use water check button for reagent validation
Supplied with gas tight syringe for accurate sample injection
Available with Aquamax KF Reagent Kits and Standards