Syskon P500-4500 Datasheet

SYSKON P500 to 4500 - Lab Power Supplies, Programable, PF Corrected

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The innovative new SYSKON series of KONSTANTER power supplies provides you with top quality, programable and manual and remote controllable DC power supplies for laboratory and system use.
Equipped with active power-factor control (PFC), it supplies 500 through 4500 W of power at up to 60 V and max. 180 A with characteristic UIP curve.

Special switching controller technology and matching status controllers assure high dynamics and short response times. The setting range for output voltage and output current can be restricted by specifying setting limits.
The analog interface is equipped with two programmable trigger inputs and three signal outputs, which can be linked to various device functions for indication, or for controlling external devices and an auxiliary power output. Beyond this, monitor outputs and control inputs for voltage and current setpoints are available as well. Sensing leads allow for auto-sensing operation at the power consumer. Strict menu-driven operation supports highly diverse programming functions. The device is transformed into a freely programmable test signal generator by means of an expanded sequence memory and extra functions.
Mains power input with power factor control (PFC)
Highly efficient, low power loss
Auto-ranging output with 500, 800, 1500, 3000 and 4500 W of power
Output: voltage and current regulated
Characteristic UIP curve
Very short response times
Excellent dynamic control parameters
Minimal residual ripple
Output on/off function
Comprehensive calibration report
Dynamic sink mode operation
Lockable controls
Master-slave operation for parallel and series connection
Sequence functions with sequence control for creating voltage and 
current sequences
Overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature protection
Calibrating procedure for menu-driven balancing
USB and RS 232 interfaces (complete control of the device)
Floating output terminals on the rear panel
Analog interface (extended)