Sineax AM2000 Datasheet

SINEAX AM2000 - Instrument for Measurement & Monitoring of Power Systems

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The clear view into the electrical grid
The SINEAX AM2000 is a comprehensive instrument for measurement and monitoring of power systems.
It stands out by the display quality and intuitive operation. The device provides a wide functionality, which can be extended further by means of optional components. It can be used directly for any system, from single phase up to 4-wire unbalanced networks, without hardware modifications.

Direct measurement up to 690V, CATIII
Class 0.2 (U/I), class 0.5% (P/Q/S), class 1 (meters)
Condition monitoring
Energy consumption analysis (Meters, load curves, trend analysis)
Harmonic analysis acc. IEC 61000-4-7
System imbalance monitoring
Limit monitoring with alarming
Universal process I/O
Graphical measurement displays
High resolution color TFT display
Modbus/RTU interface
For measurement acquisition via control system.
Type Comparison
SINEAX   AM1000 AM2000 AM3000 DM5000
Accuracy PQS / meters  0,5% / 0,5S  0,5% / 0,5S  0,2% / 0,5S  0,2% / 0,5S 
U/I inputs 3/3 3/3 4/4 4/4
Ethernet option Option standard standard
Modbus/RTU option standard option option
Data logger option Option option option