Metriso GEOHM 5 Datasheet

METRISO GEOHM 5 - Battery Powered Earth Tester

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Earth tester for all known measuring methods.
This instrument can also be used to ascertain or measure soil resistivity and ohmic resistance in accordance with the current-voltage measuring method.

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Measurement of: 
- Earth resistance
- Selective earth resistance
- Soil resistivity
- Current (TRMS) via clamp meter (optional)
Three or four-pole measuring method
1-Clamp Measurement (optional)
2-Clamp Measurement (optional)
Rechargeable battery operation (optional)
Digital display & Robust Hosuing
Continuous monitoring of interference voltage and auxiliary earth 
electrode resistance with indication if allowable limit values are violated
Data storage for 250 measurements (1000 measured values)
Data interface for transmission of measured values to a PC
Software (optional accessory) for measured value storage at a PC