METRALINE DMM16 - TRMS Digital Multimeter, Analog BarGraph, Temperature & Calibration

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Multimeters of the economy series METRALINE are auto-range devices for universal use in all areas of electro-technics. They provide the user with the time-tested safety and reliability from Gossen Metrawatt at a convincing price performance ratio.
The METRALINE DMM16 provides you with all of the measuring functions you’d expect from a versatile, world class multimeter: convincing technology with all voltage, resistance, current and temperature measuring ranges, and lots of other measuring functions and automatic features such as frequency and duty cycle measurement.

Resolution: 6000 digits (3 6/7 place) and analog bar graph
Basic accuracy: 0.5% VDC
Bandwidth, V AC TRMS: 2 kHz
Patented automatic blocking sockets (ABS)
Voltage: VDC 100 μ to 1000 V and VAC TRMS 100 μ to 1000 V
Current: IDC 10 μ to 10 A (16 A 30 sec.) and IAC TRMS 10 μ to 10 A (16 A 30 sec.)
Resistance: 100 mOhm to 40 MOhm
Temperature: -50.0 to +800.0° C, type K thermocouple
Frequency measurement: 0.1 Hz to 1 MHz
Duty cycle measurement: 2% to 98% (1 kHz)
RPM measurement: 60 RPM to 99.99 thousand RPM
Capacitance measurement: 10 pF to 400 μF
Continuity and diode testing: 3 V
Min-Max measured value storage and DATA hold
DAkkS calibration certificate - optional
Measuring category: 600 V CAT IV, 1000 V CAT III