Metrahit ULTRA Datasheet

METRAHIT ULTRA - Precision TRMS Multimeter with Remote Control via Bluetooth

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Precision multimeter, optionally with integrated Bluetooth, temperature measuring instrument and data logger for demanding, universal applications in the lab and for service calls

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Triple display with a resolution of 310,000 digits
Intrinsic error: (0.02% rdg. + 20 digits)
Measuring functions:
1 V to 600 VDC and 10 V to 600 VAC/AC+DC TRMS (bandwidth: 15 Hz to 100kHz)
1nA to 10ADC and 10nA to 10 AAC/AC+DC TRMS (bandwidth: 15 Hz to 10 kHz)
Resistance, frequency, capacitance and temperature measurement
1 mΩ to 30 MΩ, 0.001 Hz to 1 MHz, 1 pF to 3 mF, C/F, Pt100, Pt1000, 
type K thermocouple: -270 to +1372 C
Automatic range selection and battery cutoff
Min-Max measured value storage
Integrated 2 MByte measurement data memory for approx. 300,000 
measured values, sampling rate: 100 ms to 9 hrs.
IR data interface
CAT IV @ 300 V or CAT III @ 600 V per IEC 61010-1
DAkkS calibration certificate as standard feature