Metrahit ENERGY Datasheet


METRAHIT ENERGY - High End Digital Multimeter Power & Energy Measurement

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The new, professional METRAHIT ENERGY multimeter is exceeding all previous performance limits.
Thanks to simultaneous TRMS current and voltage measurement (AC, AC+DC and DC) with a resolution of 60,000 digits, all important power quantities can be precisely acquired.

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RMS measurement with the following and more: V AC TRMS, V AC+DC TRMS 
100 kHz with bandwidth, V DC, dB, Hz (V), Hz (A), Ω, μF, V diode, 
°C / F (TC / RTD)
Power measurement (W, VAr, VA, PF): active, reactive and apparent 
power with extreme values, power factor
Energy measurement (Wh, VArh, VAh) active, reactive and apparent 
energy, mean power value with adjustable observation period and 
maximum value
Mains quality analysis: recording of over and undervoltage, dips, swells, 
voltage peaks and transients in 0, 50 and 60 Hz systems
Harmonic analysis: RMS values and distortion components up to the 15th 
harmonic at 16.7, 50, 60 and 400 Hz