METRAHIT COIL - Multimeter Interturn Short-circuit Detection and Insulation

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The METRAHIT COIL multimeter is a rugged portable measuring instrument for use in the field.
The instrument is well equipped for universal electrotechnical use in the fields of service, diagnostics and electrical safety, in particular with regard to electric motors and is equipped with an internal, mains-independent power supply.

Insulation resistance measurement up to 3.1 GΩ with interference voltage 
detection - test voltages: 50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V
Interturn short-circuit detection with COIL Test Adapter (included)
Multimeter with diverse functions (V, Ω, F, Hz)
TRMS measurements: TRMS AC / AC+DC for current / voltage up to 10 kHz
Activatable low-pass filter, 1 kHz / -3 dB in the V AC range
Direct current measurement, 100 nA to 10 A
Current measurement with current sensor clamps - A transformation ratio 
of 1 mV : 1 mA to 1 mV : 1 A can be selected and is taken into 
consideration at the display.
Precision temperature indicator, C or F, for Pt100 / Pt1000 sensors and 
type K thermocouples
Diode measurement (IK = 1 mA, Uflow to 5.1 V) and continuity testing
Display: 3,000 digits (3 place), illumination can be activated 30,000 
digits (4 place) at VDC and mΩ maesurements
Acoustic signals for: continuity testing, dangerous contact voltages, 
exceeded overload limits
Min-Max value storage
Data memory and internal clock, power pack adapter socket
IP 54 Housing protection, dust and splash protected, protective cover
Bidirectional infrared interface for exchanging data with a PC
Windows software available as accessory for processing and graphic 
display of measured values via RS 232 interface