Mavowatt 230 240 270 Datasheet


MAVOWATT 230, 240, 270 - 3Phase Energy and Power Disturbance Analyzers

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The MAVOWATT 230, 240, 270 offer the best value in a Power Quality, Demand, and Energy analyzer from GOSSEN METRAWATT, or any other PQ analyzer manufacturer! No other product comes close to matching the benefits and features provided by the MAVOWATT 2XX at this price point.
The MAVOWATT 2XX merges the state-of-the-art power monitoring capabilities, with ‘best in class’ communication capabilities to provide a revolutionary monitoring experience.

Power Quality Surveys and Diagnostics
Energy management & load surveys
Data logging
Harmonic analysis
Compliance testing
Flicker testing
Alternative energy production
- Solar, Wind, panel strings, batteries, inverters, grid interconnect
Capacitor testing
Motor testing & diagnosics