PICOUP 400 - Remote Controlled Hydraulic Spiking & Cutting Tool 

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SPIKING cable to check and ensure the absence of voltage not tension on LV and MV underground cables before cutting them
The spiking of the multipolar cable Enables the user to limit any resulting short circuit to a single-phase / ground fault when spiking multi core cables. This causes any protective devices to trip before a 2 or 3 phase fault can be created.
Operating from a minimum distance of 8 meters, protecting the operator in the 
event of a live cable being spiked
Damage to infrastructure is minimised when spiking as a single phase to earth 
fault is created using a dedicated, local 70mm2 copper earthing cable.
The spiking blade is designed to allow good drainage of shorts circuits
Electronic locking of the tool if the battery power is not enough
Compact design, robust and easy to use
More security for the user : Indictor LEDs during the spiking and cutting operation
Double hydraulic over-pressure safety valve
Cutting failure sensor
Blades closure sensor