FC 5300 - Live LV Cable Identifier

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This device provides all the information necessary to identify a live LV cable among other cables without risk of error:
Identification of cables in open trenches or tunnels, of the three phase conductors on single pole three-phase cables and Identification or confirmation of the source.

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Technical Specifications:
The probe with display guides the user through the steps for each function.
The ultra-sensitive directional probe improves resolution in cable harnesses.
Reliable connectors: double-insulated, sheathed conductors, in accordance 
with new standards.
Built-in self-test
Works on all types of cables: oil-impregnated paper insulated cables, synthetic 
cables, cables with double metal reinforcement, even heavily loaded cables, 
insulated overhead cables; in any environment, in-ground in urban, peri-urban 
and rural areas for all types earthing systems.
Comes in a sealed, unbreakable case specially designed for field work.
The detector charges using a standard USB-type mains or vehicle charger.