FC2300 - Disconnected cable identifier

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This device provides all the indications necessary on a jobsite on a disconnected, earthed power cable up to 10 km long: Identification of three-phase power cables in open trenches. Identification of the three phase conductors on 3-pole or single-pole cables. Continuity with the end of the cable earthed.

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Technical Specifications:
Works on up to 10 km on a cable with a cross-section of 240 mm˛
3 injection clamps, L1, L2 and L3, opening: 50 mm
Max. length of voice message 3.4 s
Transmission cycle: 7 s
Battery life 8 to 9 hrs. Full charge in 5 hrs
Injection current 6 mA at 300 mA
Battery charger AC 100-240 V – 50-60 Hz – 0.5 A / DC 12 V
Detection frequency 580Hz, 620Hz, 680Hz
Audio dual-tone frequencies 1280 Hz, 1310 Hz
3 setting levels according to the length and type of cable.
Dedicated probes for each function.
Comes in shockproof polymer carry case: detachable injection module, to be left in the substation.
Weight of complete case: 11 kg.
Dimensions: 475 x 415 x 215 mm.