FC2100 - Device for identifying phases & colours on disconnected cables

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This device allows the phase/colour indications to be checked on insulated power cables earthed at the other end up to 10 km long: Identification of the three phase conductors on 3-pole or single-pole cables with one end short-circuited and earthed. Continuity with the other end of an earthed cable. It can be used at the same time as any other device from the FC2300, FC2000 and VR900 ranges. The FC2100 must only be used after no-voltage testing by "spiking/cutting" the cable.

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Technical Specifications:
Transmission clamps:
Injection, into each of the 2 phases L1 and L3 of the cable, of signals 
compatible with the FC2000 range of cable identifiers.
Power supply: rechargeable battery integrated in each clamp
Battery life more than 8 hours, for a full charge time of 3 hours.
Detection by direct contact with the cores of the cut cables using a 
"compass" type probe.
Phases ABC are directly displayed by diodes (green L1, yellow L2 and red L3)
Standalone power supply with 4 AA batteries.
Battery capacity more than 1,000 measurements.
Weight: 2 kg