Coil Analyzers - SAT Series

Coil Analyzers – SAT series instruments are powerful, lightweight units ideal for testing of the circuit breakers, where substation battery is not connected or available. The SAT series instruments are intended to supply circuit breaker coils and spring charging motors as a part of manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance testing.

Coil Analyzers can perform the current and resistance measurement of the circuit breaker coils in accordance to IEC 62271-100 standard. SAT series instruments can also perform the minimum trip voltage test, mechanism charging time (IEC 62271-100) of the circuit breaker coils.
The minimum trip voltage test is described in several international and national standards such as IEC 62271-100, IEC 56, ANSI C37.09 etc. Other important parameters can be tested with Coil Analyzers. They are compatible with the circuit breaker analyzers from different vendors.
Typical applications:
Operating circuit breakers
Supplying spring-charging motors
Coils resistance measurement
Coils current measurement
Minimum trip voltage-test of the circuit breaker’s coils
RAs a power supply in the tests with breaker analyzers from different vendors