Circuit Breaker Analyzer & Timer CAT II series

The Circuit Breaker Analyzer & Timer CAT35 instrument utilizes the latest improvements for safe and fast testing, with unique technical capabilities for additional diagnostics of circuit breakers. Sophisticated design ensures efficient and reliable operations in high-voltage substations and industrial environments.

Static resistance measurement

The built-in micro ohmmeter generates a true DC ripple free current with an automatically regulated test ramp.

DRM (Dynamic Resistance Measurement)

The built-in micro ohmmeter can also be used for the DRM. The DRM test is performed by injecting a current through the breaker contact and simultaneously monitoring the voltage drop across the breaker contact as well as the current flow during the operation of the breaker. The DRM test requires the circuit breaker analyzer with a high-resolution measurement. The resistance curve, as a function of a contact travel can be used to reveal potential problems related to the arcing contact condition. The injected current value should be as high as possible but not less than 100A to provide a reliable voltage drop reading, thus allowing an easier detection of the arcing contact. This model provides up to 200A.

Timing and motion measurement
3 timing channels (31) for main and resistive contacts
6 timing channels for auxiliary inputs
6 coil control channels
3 transducer input channels
6 additional analog input channels
Built-in Micro Ohmmeter 200A
Dynamic resistance measurement
Detailed analysis of test results using DV-Win software