CAT 64 A - Circuit Breaker Analyzer & Timer

The Circuit Breaker Analyzer & Timer CAT64A instrument utilizes the latest improvements for safe and fast testing, with unique technical capabilities for additional diagnostics of circuit breakers. Sophisticated design ensures efficient and reliable operations in high-voltage substations and industrial environments.

First trip test
A “First trip” analysis is important to determine a condition of the coil operating mechanism. A circuit breaker spends most of its lifetime conducting a current without any operation. Once the protective relay detects a problem, the circuit breaker, that was idle for maybe a year or longer, has to operate as fast as possible. However, if the circuit breaker has not been operated for a long time, the latch friction may increase. Information about the latch friction can be obtained from the coil current waveform recorded during the “First trip” test.
Timing and motion measurement
6 timing channels (3×2) for main and resistive contacts
6 timing channels for auxiliary inputs
6 coil control channels
3 transducer input channels
6 additional analog input channels
Detailed analysis of test results using DV-Win software