UL 30 part of locator set

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For pin-pointing of cable faults the digital Universal Locator UL 30 is used with the ground microphone BM 30 and surge voltage generator (SSG/STG).
With its integrated acoustic propagation time measurement the UL 30 displays the distance to the fault in metres and indicates the position if the fault is reached. The special feature of UL 30 is the calculation of the fault distance between two manholes.
In combination with the audio frequency transmitter (TG) and detecting rod (SP 30) the UL 30 is used for route tracing and depth evaluation of electric lines and cables.

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Acoustic method including manhole distance location
Accurate route tracing
Digital indication of fault distance in metres
Cable depth measurement
Location of cable sheath faults
Water-resistant design
Integrated loudspeaker
Large illuminated LCD display
Digital filters for suppression of traffic noise
Easy menu operation